A Flurry of iPhone Class Actions

This blog reported in September that Apple and AT&T were facing a flurry of proposed class action lawsuits regarding the performance of the iPhone 3G on AT&T's higher speed network.  On November 12, 2008, another class action suit joined the ranks of those complaining about the iPhone 3G's ability to function correctly on AT&T's 3G network, but this lawsuit also complained that the casings on the iPhone 3G are defective and prone to cracking.  (Slash Lane, Apple sued over hairline cracks in iPhone 3G casings (November 14, 2008) www.appleinsider.com.)

Once again, who knows what will come of the casing complaint.  Apple was reportedly replacing any phone that showed evidence of hairline fractures.  My iPhone 3G is still looking sharp, but I don't (1) drop it, (2) drop it, (3) drop it, (4) put it in my pocket and sit on it, (5) drop it, (6) put it in my backpack and crush it with books, (7) drop it, or (8) catch it with my foot when I drop it and try to keep it from hitting the ground, resulting in it flying through the air and slamming into a brick wall and then falling to the ground.  But that's just how I am with gadgets - overly cautious.