Changes [deleted] coming to The Complex Litigator


First, I wish to assure regular visitors that the type of content that brought you here and kept you returning will still be a part of this blog.  That said, I am pleased that a goal of mine when I created this blog appears that it will be realized sooner than I expected.  It was my hope to expand the output of this blog with additional contributing authors, and that looks like it is going to happen.

I have associated with Initiative Legal Group LLP, a civil litigation firm emphasizing class action litigation as one of its practice areas.  Initiative Legal Group LLP has agreed to help support, co-sponsor and co-produce this blog.  I will continue as a Supervising Editor and a principal contributing author, but this blog will soon benefit from the addition of more content authors and from the substantial expertise possessed by all of Initiative Legal Group LLP's attorneys in the area of class action jurisprudence.

At the outset, I had hoped to one day create a destination site, a community of sorts, providing information about class actions and other complex litigation issues.  The movie studio sales pitch for this concept would be "the Politico of class action and complex litigation." These improvements won't happen overnight, but they are coming.  Post frequency may actually decline for a few weeks as a result of several factors, including my need to get situated at Initiative Legal Group LLP and the general slow-down during the holidays.  However, we hope to build some momentum in 2009.  Until then, I will attempt to keep up with any new developments so I can keep you up to date.

On a related note, with my move to Initiative Legal Group LLP comes an improved ability to support practitioners interested in co-counseling arrangements or class action case referrals.  If  you need assistance, particularly in the Southern California area, don't hesitate to contact me.


on 2009-05-02 19:20 by The Complex Litigator

UPDATE:  In the interest of maintaining the highest possible quality over this blog's content, I have decided to retain full editorial control over this blog.  While I continue to look forward to the day when The Complex Litigator will routinely include posts by additional authors, at this time my blog will remain separate and distinct from my employment at Initiative Legal Group.