Help for navigating the Central District's civil e-filing requirements

The United States District Court for the Central District of California has Ordered that, as of January 1, 2008, all civil cases must utilize the Central District's e-filing system.  Also, that truck receding into the distance was hauling turnips.

Having attempted to navigate the treacherous waters of e-filing in the Central District, I can say with much earnestness that a few more e-filing usability focus groups couldn't have hurt.  But I can suggest a solution to anyone strugling through the less-than-friendly e-filing approach adopted by the Central District.  At, Martin W. Anderson has made available, for free, his guidebook entitled Anderson on Civil E-Filing in the Central District of California.  I've used his guidebook, and it is, if nothing else, a tremendous timesaver.  Mr. Anderson's site also provides visitors with the opportunity to provide an e-mail address for notification when the manual is updated.  Anderson on Civil E-Filing: don't upload without it.  My thanks to Kimberly Kralowec's exceptional blawg, The UCL Practioner, for publicizing this resource in several recent posts, including her recent post entitled Updates to Civil E-Filing Manual now available online.