The public reputation of "Class Action Lawyers" doesn't need this sort of help

I just came across a press release from, wait for it,  The overall concept isn't new, but one part of press release caught my eye:

Listening to customer feedback, also developed a class action feature that helps law firms quickly and easily review class actions, and if interested, contact class members.

How very helpful.  I can just imagine the defense lawyer salivating uncontrollably when, at the proposed class representative's deposition, the lawyer asks, "So, how did you find your attorneys?"  Answer:  "Oh, they bid on me at the website"  Nice.  I envision a headline in an Opposition to certification saying, "In a sordid display of greed that tarnishes the judicial system and may cause orphans to starve, money-grubbing proposed class counsel bought their case by bidding on a plaintiff."

Finding meritorious cases is nice, but I don't think regular class action practitioners need this sort of baggage added to their already significant load.