Recapitulation of greetings from the Blogospere

I remain grateful for the several posts recognizing this new effort in the Blawgosphere.  (Side Note:  I'm still on the fence regarding the use of terms like "Blogosphere" or the even more particularized "Blawgosphere.")  Irrespective of my stylistic misgivings, I want to thank several established blogs (aren't they all established when you are three weeks old) for taking the time to note a new contributor to the online discussion:

  • The UCL Practitioner:  Already thanked, but given the size of her following, a nod from Kimberly carries weight
  • Wage Law:  I handle quite a bit of wage & hour class action litigation, and I was reading this blog by Walsh & Walsh for some time
  • The California Blog of Appeal:  I learned of this blog through the UCL Practitioner just this past week, and I'm quite entertained
  •  Authored by Paul Karlsgodt, a partner in the Denver office of Baker & Hostetler LLP, this relatively new blog covers class actions from a broader, national perspective

Thank you for the kind words.

UPDATE:  Other words of support have filtered in from the blogosphere:

  • California Punitive Damages:  A blog maintained by attorneys at Horvitz & Levy, I have been a fan of this firm for years.  Short personal anecdote:  I've had aspirations to attain an appellate specialist certification for many years.  I cold-called Ellis Horvitz one day to ask him if he had any suggestions about how to move in the direction of appellate law as a career.  Mr. Horvitz didn't just give me a few minutes on the phone.  Instead, he returned my call, invited me to lunch, and shared his insights over excellent Italian food that is sadly no longer available (so long, Il Balcone).  Any firm with leadership like that is built upon bedrock.  Back at you, California Punitive Damages.