My identity is worth $2.00?

I was just informed by the Consumer Law & Policy blog that my identity is worth a scant $2.00.  The apparent basis for this valuation is the fact that so much data is available for the taking online, that there is essentially no barrier to entry in the market to sell this stuff.  That is sufficiently troubling to be the end of the story, but it got me thinking.  If I bring a consumer identity theft class action against some big company that suffered one of those headline-generating breaches, will I see as an expert for the defendant one of the black market identity theft privateers, opining that the data is nearly worthless (but he'll bid $1.75 for each person in the data set)?  It just seems like the natural progression: "Sure, your private data was stolen, it's just worthless.  Here's your settlement for 99 cents."

[From Techdirt, via Consumer Law & Policy Blog]