The second of Senator Margett's attacks on California's meal break law is also in freefall

The likely demise of SB 1192 was covered previously by The Complex Litigator.  (See, "That would be 'Plaintiffs: 2, Defendants: 0'".)  Senator Margett's second challenge to the present formulation of California's meal break law, SB 1539, a bill that sought to dillute the statutory entitlement to meal breaks or sue for missed meal break wages, made it out of committee, was substantially amended on April 15th, and set for hearing today.  That hearing was withdrawn.  It looks like legislative efforts to revise how meal breaks are treated is back to square one.  With a democratically controlled legislature and a governor that, despite liberal tendencies, is generally in favor of any legislation that eases requirements for business, it appears unlikely that anything will be sorted out any time soon.

[Via Wage Law.]

UPDATE:  For an alternative view on the significance of the recent history of SB 1539, read the recent post at the California Labor & Employement Law Blog, entitled "California Legislature Indicates Intent To Clarify Meal Period Law."  California Labor & Employment Law Blog says, "While the meal period laws have not been changed, the Legislature’s declaration of intent is a good sign that lawmakers recognize the need for change and will continue to have further discussions to try to find consensus on a solution that contains adequate protections for employers and employees."  Only time will tell, but I don't share their "optimism."