Gracious greetings from a leading voice in California's blogosphere

Kimberly Kralowec, author of The UCL Practitioner blog, graciously noted the birth of this new blog today.  I have appreciated and benefitted from her efforts for several years.  Thus, it is with humble gratitude that I say "thank you" for the example that you have set for other would-be bloggers, "thank you" for your hard work that benefits many, and "thank you" for taking the time out to mention this little start-up.

In the coming weeks, if all goes as planned, I will modify the blog template to make reading and accessing content easier.  In the coming months and years, I will strive to provide a resource that others find both entertaining and useful.  But irrespective of whether my blog stikes a chord or strikes out, I will keep reading The UCL Practitioner.

Thank you, UCL Practitioner.