COMPLEX TECH: LegalTech trade show is coming to Los Angeles

Legaltech According to the executive director of LegalTech, LegalTech is "the MOST IMPORTANT technology event for the legal professional. . . ."  I suppose I'll take his word for it, since I can't think of a similar event that clearly tops LegalTech.  Slight ribbing aside, I have attended LegalTech in past years and find it to be the best way to effectively compare competing solutions for law technology issues.  Every website tells you that their software has the latest and greatest features, best usability, and so on.  That's all marketing jibberish.  You need to examine a software package and decide for yourself if it looks intuitive and appears to solve (at a price you can afford) issues your firm faces in a way that is better than the solution you may already have in place.

The Complex Litigator will be attending LegalTech this year.  I'll be looking for interesting developments in technology that could make complex litigation and class action practice smoother to navigate.  LegalTech will provide seminars on issues that include:

Best Practices and Issues in Information Management for CIOs and IT Directors • Electronic Discovery Issues in Litigation • Knowledge Management • Leveraging Legal Technology for Practice Management and Transactional Support • E-Discovery Jeopardy! • Corporate Perspectives on EDD • Legal Outsourcing: Trends, Best Practices, and Emerging Markets • “Tomorrowland”- What is on the Legal and Technology Horizon? • Data Privacy Issues for Multinational Corporations

In other words, something for everyone.

A few rising names in legal technology arena are involved in LegalTech.  For example J. Craig Williams, the blogger responsible for May It Please The Court, is on the faculty.  If you handle technology decisions at your firm, or if you offer input in that regard, try to stop by LegalTech and check out what's new.  You'll at least get some free pens with corporate logos on them, and maybe a flashlight for your kid.  I'm hoping for coasters and frisbees.  And a squooshy ball.

Where:  Los Angeles Convention Center
When:  June 26 - June 27