New blog, California Attorney's Fees, sets out to "provide a resource tool to practitioners, jurists, and the public about the law governing attorneys’ fees/costs awards, but focused on the law and pragmatic experiences in California state or California federal judicial forums."  Authored by Attorneys Marc D. Alexander and William M. (Mike) Hensley of Adorno Yoss Alvarado & Smith in Santa Ana, California Attorney's Fees should compliment this blog's discussion of class action issues.  The topic of attorney's fees in class actions is one that frequently triggers acrimonious commentary.  A common area of criticism in class actions arises when attorney's fees approved in a settlement exceed the actual or imputed recovery by the class.  I have to assume that Mr. Hensley and Mr. Alexander will be tackling issues of this ilk as the law in this area continues to develop.  For example, will California fully accept the Ninth Circuit's benchmark of 25 percent of the fund as an appropriate fee award in class action settlements?  Inquiring minds want to know.

Like many gracious bloggers did for me, I extend my best wishes and a warm welcome to California Attorney's Fees.

[While several blogs noted this newcomer to the blogosphere, credit goes to California Blog of Appeal for reminding me to get this post up.]