OFF TOPIC: Happy Father's Day

Ameliecancuninset In light of Father's Day, I am posting a picture of my daughter that I was lucky enough to capture on a vacation last year.  Happy Father's Day to all those dad's out there (including me.)  Now, here's a Sunday observation that's also way off topic for this blog: while watching Tiger Woods claw his way into a playoff at the U.S. Open on a bum knee, I can't help but be in awe of the fact that I'm watching history being written, tournament by tournament.  Generations from now, people will talk about the insurmountable standard he set.  I hope that I have the opportunity to contribute something in the field of law that stands the test of time, and, if I do, I hope that I have what it takes to seize that opportunity.  (As an aside, I have no idea how to play golf.)

Now I'm going to make myself sick to my stomach, watching the Lakers finish their finals tank job.  As I said, Happy Father's Day.

UPDATE: Shocked, I say.  Shocked and amazed that the Lakers pulled it out.  Hence, sincere, rather than sarcastic, Happy Father's Day.