ClassActionBlawg continues to provide weekly review posts full of resources

I've previously mentioned the excellent weekly class action blogosphere surveys at ClassActionBlawg.  This week is no exception at ClassActionBlawg, and the roundups keep growing.  However, if you aren't regularly reading posts on this blog, it's easy for such mentions to get lost in the archives, so I direct your attention to roundups for the last few weeks at ClassActionBlawg.

  • On June 17, 2008, ClassActionBlawg mentions posts on topics that include class action settlements, "scandal" coverage of the Kentucky Fen-Phen attorneys and Milberg Weiss, Civil Procedure, class action decisions, and debate over various aspects of class action and tort reform, to name some of the topics addressed.
  • On June 10, 2008, ClassActionBlawg mentions posts on class action trends, technology news, and arbitration clauses and waivers, among other topics.

You'll find other entertaining collections of posts almost every week at ClassActionBlawg.  One of the best aspects about Paul's roundups is the relatively even-handed coverage of news from all parts of the legal agenda spectrum.  In many cases, it provides an opportunity to see issues debated from polar extremes, which is helpful if you find yourself undecided on a particular issue.