LexMontior highlights elements of the ongoing, online dialog about the law

The beauty of the internet resides in the ongoing evolution (or revolution) in the way that information is collected, distilled and presented.  A number of websites index legal subject matter blogs.  (See, e.g., Justia.com, the ABAJournal Blog index, and Blawg.com.)  LexMonitor offers a new twist on the idea of a blawg index.  Rather than simply indexing all law blogs, LexMonitor collects content from the blogosphere and attempts to present and catetorize it in ways that will help visitors follow discussions, concepts or authors of interest.  From the site:

LexMonitor is a free daily review of law blogs and journals highlighting prominent legal discussion and the lawyers and other professionals participating in this conversation.

Pulling from nearly 2,000 sources and 5,000 professional authors, LexMonitor will shine a light on the ongoing conversation among thought leaders in the law for the benefit of the legal profession and the public at large.

LexMonitor is not a destination site where "you’ll read a newspaper," if you will. We want to make content from the legal blogosphere more accessible, meaningful, and valuable by highlighting discussion, blogs, tags, and authors you may wish to follow.

LexMonitor is owned & operated by LexBlog, Inc., which provides a turnkey blog solution to professional services businesses, primarily law firms.  However, LexMonitor includes legal blogs that contributed to the online dicusssion of legal issues,irrespective of whether LexBlog's blogging solution is used on the blog.

The Complex Litigator thanks LexMonitor for including this blog in the the LexMonitor review.  You can view The Complex Litigator on LexMonitor.