The Complex Litigator reached the 100 post milestone

100postsbadge125 The Complex Litigator turns 100 today, just in time to celebrate our nation's birth.  But in all seriousness, thanks to everyone that has supported this new blog, visited this blog, commented about it, complimented it, and passed it on to colleagues.  I may catch my breath over the long, holiday weekend, then it's right back on the road to 200.

Roughly 6700 visits in first three months isn't half bad, if I do say so myself (and I do).  But The Complex Litigator won't let its guard down.  I'll continue to watch for new case law relevant to class actions and complex litigation.  I'm working on a major post concerning the changing of the guard at major complex litigation "big law" firms.  I'll continue to review major pieces of software that can assist in a complex litigation/class action practice - Acrobat 9 is next on deck.  And I'll continue to test "web 2.0" services that might be a good fit in a modern practice.

Thanks for visiting and all the support,

H. Scott Leviant
The Complex Litigator