Evidence surfaces that some class action lawyers don't actually file bad cases

According to anecdotal accounts collected by a reporter for the Houston Chronicle, at least some class action attorneys practicing in the area of wage & hour law have reportedly turned away problematic clients or those with non-viable claims.  (L.M. Sixel, Employment lawyers know no-go cases when they see them (August 27, 2008) www.chron.com.)  I know that this may be viewed as a shocking (and unsubstantiated) development, but my experience is that this actually happens.  Perhaps I'm just filled with a bit too much sarcasm tonight, or maybe I was possessed of some peculiar wave of partisanship in advance of attending CAALA's annual convention.  In any case, I hope to do a bit of "live blogging" from CAALA if I can find some useful sessions, so check back on Friday in particular to see if anything interesting is going on here.