CAOC Board of Governors elections begin today

In between flying back and forth across the country for depositions, I took some time out to exercise my right to vote.  It wasn't as exciting as, say, secretly casting a vote for hottest VP candidate in history.  No, nothing that interesting.  I was voting online in CAOC's Board of Governors election.  But this relatively mundane event took on greater personal significance for me this year, as I happen to be one of the candidates in the Los Angeles district (lucky me - I am in one of a handful of contested districts).  If you are a CAOC member and haven't voted yet, remember: "a vote for me is a vote for change."  This is quite literally true, since I've never served on CAOC's Board of Governors before.

Together, we can make a difference.

Help me shake things up.

I'll fight for you!

Continuing Legal Education for everyone!

I'm just testing out some powerful campaign slogans.

I approve this message (because I wrote it).