The Complex Litigator is beta testing a new TypePad post comment system

TypePad is currently beta testing a new commenting system called TypePad Connect.  This comment system will allow for threaded comments, cross-blog commenting, limited html code in comments, and associated pictures of the comment author (if a profile is established).

Because TypePad Connect is in beta, the comments here may end up getting hosed.  Or I may lose the ability to delete the occasional spam post that people try to slip into posts without my noticing.  Or it may work wonderfully.  The point is, we're going out on the bleeding edge here, and someone might get hurt.  Not that this will matter much in practice; lawyers and other readers of law blogs appear to comment less than readers of any other type of blog

UPDATE:  So far so good.  Comments are still on posts, and they are styled in the new format.  Also, please be aware that the comment system is driven (I believe) by javascript.  Your browser setting may influence what you see, particularly if you are running something like NoScript in Firefox.