This time it's the big corporation suing after a Justice Department anti-trust investigation: AT&T sues LCD manufacturers for price fixing

The AmLaw Litigation Daily, part of the network of websites, is reporting that AT&T (a collection of various AT&T entities) have filed "an antitrust suit filed against liquid crystal display screen makers after four LCD makers paid a historic $585 million in criminal antitrust fines last November."  Alison Frankel, Crowell & Moring Files AT&T's Antitrust Complaint Against Liquid Crystal Display Manufacturers (October 21, 2009)  According to the complaint, AT&T purchased over 300 million handsets with LCD screens (Paragraph 5) that were impacted by the alleged price-fixing conspiracy.  That does not include LCD panels purchased by AT&T in all other forms, including computer monitors used internally by AT&T.  As AmLaw notes, an antitrust suit by a corporate reseller is not something you see every day.

I guess this means that I paid too much for all of my LCD screens too.  If I didn't have the tail end of a cold, I'd be angry about that.  On a related note, I have to assume that, if there aren't consumer anti-trust suits on file yet, there will be soon.