Breaking News: Plaintiff class wins second trial against alter ego defendants associated with Global Vision Products (Avacor hair regrowth formula)

In January 2008, class plaintiffs who purchased the hair regrowth formula Avacor prevailed at trial against Global Vision Products, Inc.  The plaintiff alleged that Avacor was not an all natural or herbal formulation, but contained the drug Minoxidil (Rogaine).  The initial verdict for the plaintiff class was approximately $37 million.  However, Global Vision Products filed for bankruptcy protection.

Today, after a second phase of trial, a jury returned a verdict against individual defendants Robert DeBenedictis and Henry Edelson on an alter ego theory.

I will provide some additional information about this verdict after reviewing materials from the trial.  Until then, Courtroom View Network, which recorded video of the entire trial, has provided access to a free clip from the trial.