OFF TOPIC: California's Budget Fiasco

I haven't used this blog as a general political soapbox, but sometimes things go too far.  California citizens recalled Gray Davis shortly after he announced that the state budget shortfall was likely to exceed $35 billion, on a budget of about $100 billion.  Think about that for a minute.  "Oops, we overspent by a third!"

Now, with a budget that has exploded to around $140 billion, I'm hearing that I may face higher sales taxes, higher gas taxes, and higher income taxes because we are still $40 billion in the red.  Wait, weren't we $40 billion in the red in 2003, when we did the unprecedented and recalled a governor?

The only adjectives that come to mind for the leadership of this state (and are fit to print in a family publication) are "criminal," "pathetic," "inexcusable."  Leaders lead.  Under that standard, Sacramento hasn't had leadership for a long time.  Thank you for driving my child's future in this beautiful state off a cliff in your exuberant desire to shovel money you don't have and don't own into the hands of your various pet projects and respective backers.  This defines ultra vires activity.  It should be criminal, and every legislator that voted for any of these budgets should be personally liable for the shortfall.  How could you let this happen?  How could we let this happen?  I guess apathy gets what it deserves, which is nothing.