ANNOUNCEMENT: The Complex Litigator will soon be forced to migrate its RSS feed to a new location

Feedburner, which provides the RSS feed from this blog to many readers, was purchased by Google quite some time ago.  Now, Google is in the process of moving the Feedburner service to its own servers.  The move is voluntary now, but will mandatory very soon.  I have read many reports of problems during the voluntary feed relocation period, which is why I have not yet changed the feed.  However, I believe that time is running out.  If you read this blog from a Feedburner feed, you can subscribe to the feed directly in newer versions of Outlook or various browsers.

UPDATE:  The feed from this site has been moved to Google's servers with no problem so far.  Many other users have reported problems with the move, but in this case it was trouble-free.  However, it isn't clear whether this will disrupt the site feed for subscribers.  If it does, give it a few days to sort itself out.