Courtroom View Network is live webcasting Diet Drug Cases trial in Los Angeles

Filed a decade ago, the Diet Drug Cases have developed such a life of their own that a dedicated, official website exists on the Superior Court's own website.  Now, Judge Anthony Mohr will have the pleasure of presiding over this beast, and Courtroom View Network will bring live and on-demand video coverage.

Courtroom View Network brings three years of experience of Webcasting high-stakes civil litigation to the Diet Drug Cases trial. Courtroom View Network has covered multiple legal proceedings across the country, including such cases as “Jose Adolfo Tellez et al v. Dole Food Company Inc et al” and “Norman Turner v. Chevron Corporation” in Los Angeles Superior Court. Courtroom View Network’s target audience are members of the legal and financial community who require instant, comprehensive coverage of litigation that affects their business. Its Web site is at