The Complex Litigator may experience brief "outages" as the domain registrar is changed ahead of hosting move

The prior registrar for provided no user access to custom DNS settings.  In advance of the move to SquareSpace for blog hosting, I am moving to a new registrar (although my old registrar seems determined to make that process as slow and painful as possible).  When the registrar changes, I'll need to change domain name servers.  That will cause a brief "outage" as the new information propogate through the top level domain name servers on the internet.  Since my current registrar is being "jerky" (a legal term used to describe certain registrars), I may not be able to control the exact time of the transfer, but Monday or Tuesday looks most likely.

Once that switch is complete, I'll redirect traffic to SquareSpace on the weekend of May 16th.  That switch will cause another brief outage (anywhere from hours to a day or two, depending upon how quickly your particular DNS server refreshes its data).