Blawg Review #216 is now available at

In the hectic rush to take care of my own blog, handle the obligations of work and family, and remember to get the trash out to the street each Monday night, I routinely forget to mention the wealth of information available through the increasingly rich blawgosphere.  One very rich source is Blawg Review

Blawg Review is a blog carnival.  What is a blog carnival?  A blog carnival is a blog-post that contains links to posts on other blogs.  In addition, a blog carnival rotates editors.  The rotation is the differentiator that makes a blog carnival different from a fixed link aggregation site.  Blawg Review accomplishes this rotation by allowing a different blawg to host each weekly edition of Blawg Review.  The weekly editions are all available through Blawg Review's home base site.

This week's edition of Blawg Review, Blawg Review #216, is now available at Family Lore.