Your quarterly Brinker update

When the California Supreme Court grants a Petition for Review, it's okay to leave and go get a cup of coffee.  You have time.  But that doesn't mean that nothing is happening behind the scenes.  In Brinker Restaurant v. Superior Court (Hohnbaum) we have developments.  On May 7, 2009, Real Party in Interest Hohnbaum requested an extension until August 4, 2009 to file the Reply Brief on the merits.  On May 14, 2009 the Supreme Court granted an extension through June 22, 2009, with the additional proviso that no further extensions were contemplated.  However, today the Supreme Court granted a two-week extension to that previously firm deadline.  The Reply Brief on the merits is now due on July 6, 2009.  After that, the amicus bloodbath will ensue (they are due on July 20, 2009).