Never say never: even CJAC's counsel agrees that sometimes unfair competition class actions are a viable tool for obtaining justice

The Civil Justice Association of California ("CJAC") is demonstrating that the "justice" isn't in their name for show.  Fred Hiestand, general counsel for CJAC, wants justice, and he's willing to file a class action against the City of Sacramento and allege unfair competition in violation of Business and Professions Code section 17200 to get that justice.  Dave Gilson, Tort Reformer Wants His Day in Court (August 14, 2009)  According to Legal Pad, CJAC's President, John Sullivan, lamented Hiestand's suit, saying, "Fred has been fighting against frivolous lawsuits for decades, and like a doctor fighting malaria, he’s become infected himself — and with the worse strain of the disease — class actions."  Cheryl Miller, Tort Reform Leader Brings Class Action 'Cause His Car Got Towed (August 14, 2009)

In all seriousness, it is outrageous that a city would tow a car for parking in a no parking zone.  Those no parking zones are for special people, like lawyers, that are important and have important things to do, like eat dinner.  Those signs really mean no parking for regular people.  Why do lawyers have to put up with abuse like this?  I'm so angry I could just spit nails.  Sorry I can't blog more, but I need to run out to the street and tell that parking enforcement officer that the red stripe on the curb means "Reserved for The Complex Litigator!"  He has malaria, people - back off.