Good things sometimes come to those who wait (or wait and work at it)

Next week is the beginning of a new chapter in my legal career.  I will begin work at Spiro Moss LLP, a boutique class action firm in West Los Angeles.  I have known about Spiro Moss for many years.  Their reputation as skilled and ethical attorneys is unquestioned.  Both sides of the bar speak highly of them.  They've made their presence known at the appellate level for many years as well, with decisions such as Ramirez v. Yosemite Water Co., Inc., 20 Cal. 4th 785 (1999) and, more recently, a collection of cases pending before the California Supreme Court.

I thank them for their vote of confidence, and I am looking forward to the opportunity to continue my prefessional development at a firm where all of the attorneys are highly experienced litigators (and some are regular readers of this blog - I suppose this means that they'll want breaking news first).