Brinker Watch 2010 - Version 2

In March of this year, I observed that Brinker Restaurant v. Superior Court (Hohnbaum) was fully briefed back in October 2009.  At that time, I moved the over-under on an Opinion release date from August 2010 to October 2010.  I regret to inform anyone with office pools that I must now make a second, larger move of the line and set the over-under at February 2011.

The problem arises because the Supreme Court is done hearing cases for Summer 2010.  As you can see here, July and August will have no case arguments.  September is the earliest that Brinker could be placed on an oral argument calendar.  For purposes of wagering only (which I fully support but will not participate in), I'm guessing that the argument occurs in November, resulting in a February 2011 opinion release target date.