COMPLEX TECH: Windows Phone 7 news rundown

I'm exceedingly interested in the potential of Windows Phone 7 as a mobile platform for information access.  It has the potential to replace the iPhone as the standard for innovative platform design.  And it might ultimately do a better job of allowing clear access to many types of information that those in the legal industry currently access through other smartphone platforms.  If you aren't up to speed on this release that may be less than 2 months away, here is a sample of recent news: 

  • As reported on Engadget, Microsoft shows off a few major applications that will be available at launch or soon thereafter and releases the final set of developer tools.  If you aren't a tech junkie, this won't mean much to you, but, no matter what you may think of Microsoft, the fact is that Microsoft makes some of the best developer tools out there.  The ease of application development will open Windows Phone 7 to a large number of potential developers. discusses the developer advantage.
  • Here is a thorough preview of Windows Phone 7 from Engadget.
  • And has a massive, multi-part examination of the phone by Paul Thurrott, who will be releasing a book about Windows Phone 7 at or right after launch.
  • HTC will be releasing Windows Phone 7 hardware.  This may be video of what to expect.
  • Samsung will also have Windows Phone 7 hardware available at launch.
  • Verizon will likely carry Windows Phone 7 hardware, but possibly not until 2011.
  • Some pre-release applications already look like they will provide a superior experience on Windows Phone 7, such as Seesmic.

I didn't upgrade to the antenna-on-the-outside iPhone 4.  I'm keeping the powder dry for a phone running Windows Phone 7.  Looks like the restraint will be rewarded.