California courts website is changing to a new web address, with a new appearance, in April

California's statewide court information website is currently located at  On April 2, 2011 the site will change over to  The new site is evidently live now, but I am guessing that curiosity is impacting the new site's performance.  It is loading for me, but at a painfully slow rate (as in minutes, not seconds).  From what little I can see, it looks nice.

What this means is that all links to the old site location may (will) break, including this blog's links to opinions and other resources.  Assuming the new site starts responding correctly, I will begin linking to the new location immediately.

Perhaps this means that we are getting closer to the statewide court management system that caused such intense discussion in the last couple of years.  I saw a demonstration of the system last year.  If it works as advertised, it should prove to be a very useful resource.  Imagine being able to log onto one system and see all of your upcoming appearances in any court in California.  One can hope.