McDonald's sued to stop it from offering toys in Happy Meals; Opponents of personal responsibility celebrate

According to Reuters, the Center for Science in the Public Interest is representing a mother of two in a suit agasint McDonald's.  The suit alleges violation of California consumer protection laws.  McDonald's removed the suit to the United States District Court for the Northern District of California.

I have a kid.  I sometimes let her eat McDonald's.  I could say no to a request to eat there.  That's my choice.  But if McDonald's axes Happy Meal toys to deal with these claims, then I will have less choice, thanks to people that think they can do a better job than I can of raising my child.  Have we completely lost our minds?  Plenty of companies do actual, real, bad things.  We just dilute attention from real misconduct when we shove responsibility for our sloth and inattention onto businesses.  Underpaying employees: bad.  Undisclosed toxins in food or medication: bad.  Defrauding investors: bad.  Kids eating too much junk food: lack of parental discipline (unless the children are out buying their own food, in which case it is a lack of parental oversight).