Facebook is a steaming pile...

So I changed the like button on the sidebar to a standard one linked to this page, and not the facebook page for The Complex Litigator.  Since facebook removed the ability to import a blog rss feed into a page, I would have to duplicate all information from here again on facebook to make the page useful.  It's hard enough to find the time to write this stuff once, let alone log onto facebook so they can snoop in my business all the while I am logged onto facebook.

Consumer Attorneys of California makes it to the bleeding edge: Twitter and Facebook

Consumer Attorneys of California (CAOC) is breaking into new media territory with presence on Facebook and Twitter.  You can find CAOC on Twitter by following @ConsumerAttysCA.  You can become a fan of CAOC on Facebook here.  Personally, I've almost given up on Facebook, purely because of its deplorable disregard for user privacy.  Facebook needs to keep its act clean for a while just to get back to zero with me.  The problem is, half the planet is using Facebook, so my protestations are unlikely to start a grass roots movement.