COMPLEX TECH: IE9 beta now available for public download from Microsoft

If living on the cutting edge is just your thing, then you might be interested in looking at Internet Explorer 9 beta.  IE9 beta is available for download now.  It is a beta product, so quirks are to be expected.  If you want to know what you are getting into before jumping into murky beta waters, read this review.

The newest version of IE is a great looking program.  I've seen a few layout quirks, but this blog looks right, so everything is mostly right in the world.  Of course, I did discover that the Create a Post pop-up doesn't work on SquareSpace under IE9 beta.  If the connection isn't obvious already, this blog is hosted on SquareSpace (thus I write this post in Chrome).

I did notice that, not surprisingly, Exchange web access works just like it should.  If I notice any other bugs on any law-related sites, I will post a follow-up.