Squarespace tip of the day (at least for this day): Code injection

Don't do what I did.  Don't accidentally copy curly quotes when pasting some html code into a code injection area (a little under-the-hood work for authorship signals).  Even basic html hyperlinks don't behave so well when you use curly quotes.   Just sayin'.

Minor blog formatting adjustments and new tools...

SquareSpace rolled out some new features, one of which you will find in the right sidebar.  SquareSpace now stores Twitter posts on its own servers to speed load times.  The widget is also interactive, allowing you to navigate back through older Twitter posts.

While I was at it, I slightly expanded the width of the content area and then increased the font size for posts to improve readability.  If these sorts of things matter to you, feel free to leave a comment.

Apple gets off its proverbial and finally releases SquareSpace iPhone application

Back on September 11, 2009, I announced the long-anticpated release of an iPhone application for SquareSpace in a blog post that must have excited almost no reader of this blog.  Unfortunately, what Apple did was inadvertently release and then pull a beta version.  It had the final version, but Apple sat on its...hands and didn't fix its own mistake.

For that person in the back who was excited, I want you to know that your wait is over.  Today Apple finally got around to releasing the final version of the Application.

SquareSpace releases its iPhone application

And this is my first post with that new application. SquareSpace iPhone application, where have you been all my life?

New tools added to posts on The Complex Litigator

Below each post on The Complex Litigator you will now find three new tools: an e-mail article link, a print article link, and a permalink.  The print artile link is perhaps the most useful; it generates a page that contains nothing but the text of the post, for a clean printing page.

I hope you find these additions useful.