e-DISCOVERY: New e-discovery blog offers resources for e-discovery professionals

I've just learned about a relatively new e-discovery blog, called ... wait for it ... ElectronicDiscovery.  David Jordan, the site creator, has this to say about this online resource:

Welcome to Electronic Discovery. This e-discovery website is meant to provide free e-discovery resources to people seeking information about ESI (electronically stored information), computer-based evidence, e-discovery technology news, changes in e-discovery law, and more.Electronic Discovery is a little site I put together to keep track of my own ESI knowledge and possibly help visitors (mostly attorneys or corporate counsel) who want to learn E-Discovery 101.

ElectronicDiscovery has already helped me by pointing out a bit of e-discovery news that somehow slipped my attention last week.  I'll add this one to the e-discovery blogroll for ease of reference.