A second round of thanks to all blog visitors and supporting blogs

It took about 30 days to reach the 1,500 visit mark.  The next 1,500 visits took about 15 days.  I attribute much of the daily visit growth to the support of a number of very successful blogs, including Wage Law, UCL Practitioner, The California Blog of Appeal, ClassActionBlawg.com, and California Punitive Damages.  Other sites, like Overlawyered.com, also directed quite a bit of traffic here to read specific posts.  Justia.com pushed a fair bit of traffic here as well.  Thanks to everyone, and if I didn't list your blog as a source of referrrals, it isn't because I don't appreciate it, it is because I'm out of time to post right now.

Thank you for your support and consideration,

H. Scott Leviant, on behalf of The Complex Litigator