COMPLEX TECH: Update on IronKey USB Security and Encryption Tool

Ironkey_logo_web225A couple of days ago, I posted information about the IronKey USB key, a great solution for data encryption.  At the end of my post, I also mentioned the fact that my request for law firm specific information had not received a response.  I first want to note that I have since learned that my inquiry (1) didn't go to the right person, and (2) wasn't sent through the expected channel.  As soon as IronKey's team learned about my request for information through my post on this blog, I received a courteous and prompt response to my inquiry (to the extent they could do so without violating client confidences, an issue they apparently take as seriously as do lawyers).

I can report that several "BigLaw" firms have already deployed the IronKey to their attorneys.  Without knowing the identities of the firms, it is still safe to say that large firms reside at the conservative end of the spectrum.  If the IronKey won over the IT departments of some big firms, it should be able to impress everyone.  The IronKey just strikes me as a solution that is almost customized for the needs of law firms.

I also need to mention the fact that IronKey offers an managed enterprise solution that is particularly useful for larger deployments of IronKey USB devices.  The managed enterprise service provides an Administrator IronKey that allows recovery of forgotten passwords.  When the Administrator IronKey and one of the deployed keys are both attached to a computer, the Administrator can access a secure site to "reset" the password on the otherwise useless IronKey.

I don't usually get too excited by new technology tools, because, from my perspective, there is always something more they can do.  It's easy to be an armchair critic.  But here, it's hard to see where IronKey missed the boat with this device.

I strongly suggest that you at least take a look at the Ironkey.  Considering everything under the hood, it is very reasonably priced, and IronKey offers some additional features that I didn't cover in my prior post.