Mazza, et al. v. American Honda Motor Company was argued before the Ninth Circuit today

In the matter of Mazza, et al. v. American Honda Motor Company, the Ninth Circuit heard oral argument today.  Defendant's Rule 23 Petition was granted after the District Court certified UCL and CLRA claims on a nationwide basis.  The District Court's choice-of-law analysis was the primary focus.  If reports are accurate, The Ninth Circuit may very well send the matter back to the trial court for some adjustment to the choice of law analysis and further consideration of whether any other state's interests outweigh California's strong interests in regulating the conduct of its corporate citizens and ensuring that they deal appropriately with all consumers, wherever situated.  Or the Court might decide that, in this particular case, the comparison of interests was not shown to require the application of other laws.  You can listen and decide for yourself here.