A special episode of the Class Re-Action podcast to close out the year

Episode 8 of the Class Re-Action Podcast is now live, and it is a special one.  For the final show of the year we have assembled a mediator trifecta that would be hard for anyone to top.  We are proud to bring you the Hon. Peter D. Lichtman (Ret.) of JAMS, Mark Rudy of Rudy, Exelrod, Zieff & Lowe, LLP, and Jeffrey Krivis of First Mediation Corporation.  Mediate that!

We are honored to have such a distinguished panel as the bookend to our inaugural year.  Schedules permitting, the Class Re-Action podcast will be back in January 2014.

Los Angeles County Superior Court set to close one complex litigation courtroom

According to the Daily Journal (subscription required), Los Angeles Superior Court will close one of its seven complex litigation courtrooms as of April 12, 2010.  The closure is projected to save the Court $600,000.  "Judge Peter Lichtman will be transferred from his current assignment at Central Civil West to the Stanley Mosk courthouse downtown, and employees working in his courtroom will be reassigned."  The complex litigation program has, in the last year, declined to take class actions with increasing frequency.  The closure of one of the complex litigation courtrooms is a significant loss for the people of Los Angeles County.  The concentration of experience with the management of complex litigation matters and class actions simply cannot be duplicated in the general civil departments.  But here we see yet another casualty of the grossly incompetent management of California's fiscal affairs.