The Class Re-Action Podcast is looking for guests!


For reasons unknown to me, we have been hitting the wall of late when trying to find willing victims…errr….guests for our podcast (we, as in my co-host, Linh Hua, and me - Linh makes a heroic effort to find guests, so you are spitting in her face when you ignore her invitation). If you are interested in participating in what is usually (IMO) an entertaining conversation, let one of us know. Unless the high-quality guests step up, I’m going to have to run my mouth for an entire show, all by myself. Nobody wants that. Linh especially.

Episode 15 of the Class Re-Action Podcast is now available

We are up to Episode 15 of the Class Re-Action Podcast, available here.  In case you missed the explanation previously, shows will now run between 30 and 45 minutes, due to changes in MCLE requirements.  I'm working on blanket provider status so that each show will qualify as MCLE.  However, nobody wants reading material as homework, so we are going to stay under an hour an avoid that added complication.

Episode 14 of the Class Re-Action Podcast is now available

Episode 14 of the Class Re-Action podcast is finally up.  We recorded the episode a week ago, but a cold did me in right after the show, and I couldn't get a passable intro recorded until today.  This episode is our version of the year in review. The guests are Hon. Carl J. West (Ret.) of JAMS and Lynn Frank of Frank & Feder, and we discuss the impact of decisions issued in 2014 on mediation in the class action and complex litigation settings.