Episode 23 of the Class Re-Action Podcast, discussing L'Chaim House, Inc. v. DLSE, is now available


Still on a show bender, we are back with Episode 23 of the Class Re-Action Podcast. We discuss the unicorn known as the “on-duty meal period” by chatting about L'Chaim House, Inc. v. Div. of Labor Standards Enforcement (July 31, 2019).

People keep telling me they prefer shorter shows more often, so we are sticking with it for a while. And, as always, guests are welcome if you want to talk about something recent that interests you.

Episode 22 of the Class Re-Action podcast, discussing Voris v. Lampert, is now available


This is almost looking like a trend. We are back with Episode 22 of the Class Re-Action Podcast. We discuss Voris v. Lampert (August 15, 2019), but I don’t know if we will convert anyone with our analysis. Ahhhh?!?!

NOTE: Correcting a comment I made on the podcast about Lawson, somehow I got it stuck in my head that opinions are due 60 days after submission. It’s 90 days, and I’m either becoming senile or too much junk is taking up valuable storage space in my head.

Episode 21 of the Class Re-Action podcast, discussing Noel v. Thrifty Payless, is now available


Back so soon?!?! Yes we are, with Episode 21 of the Class Re-Action podcast. We discuss Noel v. Thrifty Payless (July 29, 2019), an objective show topic that is easy to ascertain. See what I did there?

The Class Re-Action Podcast is finally back, with Episode 20


We finally got around to getting Episode 20 of the Class Re-Action Podcast out. Fly! Be free! We are tweaking the format a bit to see if it helps with publication frequency. First, shows will be shorter - in the 20-30 minute range. Second, “special guests” will be, well, special. We aren’t going to hold off on publishing a show because invited guests are too busy to record. We promise to try to publish consistently, rain or shine. Mostly shine, we hope.

The Class Re-Action Podcast is looking for guests!


For reasons unknown to me, we have been hitting the wall of late when trying to find willing victims…errr….guests for our podcast (we, as in my co-host, Linh Hua, and me - Linh makes a heroic effort to find guests, so you are spitting in her face when you ignore her invitation). If you are interested in participating in what is usually (IMO) an entertaining conversation, let one of us know. Unless the high-quality guests step up, I’m going to have to run my mouth for an entire show, all by myself. Nobody wants that. Linh especially.

Episode 19 of the Class Re-Action Podcast is Now Available


Join us on Episode 19 for a lively discussion of potential implications from the recent Troester v. Starbucks decision from the California Supreme Court.  Listen as I attempt to control the crowd cheering for me.

Class Re-Action: 5,000 and counting...


Our Class Re-Action podcast crossed the 5,000 unique downloads mark earlier this month!  Sure, it's an arbitrary number.  I could get worked up about 4,500 or 5,123, but 5,000 is nice, big round number.  It's actually pretty awesome, since I had no idea when I decided to try something whether anyone would listen.  All I wanted to do was present information in a different way than the wave of blogging that surged for a while back when this blog started.  I was concerned that the signal to noise ratio would become an issue if everyone had a blog.

This is my roundabout way of saying thank you for listening.  Oh, and our next show is scheduled to record on June 10, 2018.  There should be plenty to talk about, so stay tuned...

Class Re-Action Podcast: Thanks for listening!


The Class Re-Action Podcast is about to cross over the 5,000 listens milestone.  Oh...my...gosh...we all need a life.  But seriously, thanks for listening.  As a reminder, you can now find the podcast through more services, including the original iTunes, iHeartRadio, Google Play, and Spotify.

Hey, Linh, thanks for all the hard work you've contributed to line up absolutely spectacular guests for each show!

Thanks again for listening.

Episode 17 of the Class Re-Action Podcast is now live


As 2018 heats up with big decisions, Episode 17 is here just in time.  Dynamex and Serrano v. Aerotek are discussed.  More importantly, I decide to rename the ABC test.

For Class Re-Action podcast listeners looking for more options, you can now find this podcast on Spotify, iHeartRadio, and in the Google Play store, in addition to the iTunes location where we started.

We're back, baby!


The Class Re-Action podcast is back in business with new Episode 16, how available anywhere digital technology is!  We discuss Alvarado v. Dart Container with attorneys who argued the case before the California Supreme Court.  Listen loud!  Listen often!