Additional MCLE credits finally available

So I finally got off my duff and obtained MCLE credit approval from the California State Bar for more episodes of the Class Re-Action podcast.  You can now purchase credit, in one-hour blocks, for episodes 1 through 4.  They are now all priced to be highly affordable.  They aren't intended to be a profit-center, just an offset to hardware costs for each episode.  Now you can be entertained (I hope) and score some credit for California MCLE at the same time.  I will get the rest of the episodes up for credit as soon as I can.

Since I need to capture bar numbers as a MCLE provider, the checkout now includes a form to collect that information.  I won't be providing that information to anyone other than the State Bar, if they decide they want it.

Speaking of the Class Re-Action podcast, we will be recording another episode this Sunday.  If all goes well (and this miserable computer doesn't explode), I will have it published the same day.