End the year with Bridgeport's Wage & Hour Litigation Conference

Bridgeport will hold its annual Wage & Hour Litigation & Management Conference on December 9, 2016, at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel.  Listen to a diverse faculty as they discuss recent, major developments in wage & hour class action litigation, including Spokeo v. Robins, PAGA, and other issues.

Episode 9 of the Class Re-Action podcast is now available

Episode 9 of the Class Re-Action podcast is now published (a bit earlier in the day than usual).  Episode 9 guests are Jennifer Zargarof of Sidley and Eric B. Kingsley of Kingsley & Kingsley.  Show topics include discussions of Concepcion v. Amscan Holdings, Inc. (Feb. 18, 2014), Martinez v. Joe's Crab Shack Holdings (now held for Duran), and Williams v. Superior Court (Allstate Ins. Co.), 221 Cal. App. 4th 1353 (Dec. 6, 2013).

As a reminder, the first four episodes now qualify for MCLE credit if you need that, and it shouldn't be long before all shows are eligible for MCLE credit.

Additional MCLE credits finally available

So I finally got off my duff and obtained MCLE credit approval from the California State Bar for more episodes of the Class Re-Action podcast.  You can now purchase credit, in one-hour blocks, for episodes 1 through 4.  They are now all priced to be highly affordable.  They aren't intended to be a profit-center, just an offset to hardware costs for each episode.  Now you can be entertained (I hope) and score some credit for California MCLE at the same time.  I will get the rest of the episodes up for credit as soon as I can.

Since I need to capture bar numbers as a MCLE provider, the checkout now includes a form to collect that information.  I won't be providing that information to anyone other than the State Bar, if they decide they want it.

Speaking of the Class Re-Action podcast, we will be recording another episode this Sunday.  If all goes well (and this miserable computer doesn't explode), I will have it published the same day.

Episode 3 of the Class Re-Action Podcast is now live


Paul Bland, of Public Justice, was more than up to the challenge of explaining the intellectual dishonesty and depravity of the Supreme Court's most recent hatchet job on employees and consumers.  Well, he didn't use those words, so consider that my editorial paraphrase of what happened in Episode 3.  Available for download, streaming audio in your browser and through iTunes. 

MCLE credit for Episode 1 of Class Re-Action is now available

Now that I have State Bar approval of Episode 1 as MCLE, I have flipped the switch on the MCLE store.   If you listened to Episode 1 and feel like picking up an hour of credit for your time, you can purchase the credit here.  Remember, you don't have to do anything to listen to the Class Re-Action podcast, but any time that you would like credit for episodes that you have listened to, you have that option open to you.

First Class Re-Action Podcast approved for MCLE credit


I will have more announcements related to this auspicious event, but I just received my notification today that the Class Re-Action Podcast, Episode 1, has been approved for MCLE credit.  The short version is that I have been preparing to move this blog to the newer Squarespace v6 platform to accommodate my ability to offer MCLE credits through the blog.  I will soon be switching to the new platform, and the look will change a bit when I do implement the switch.

My compliments to Consumer Attorneys of San Diego

For what?  For an exceptional class action symposium, that's what.  I appreciated the fact that the program focused on advanced and current topics, and didn't attempt to provide a primer on basic class action litigation.  I also had fun attempting to disabuse my co-panelist of his many strange notions about Concepcion and arbitration clauses, but I think I failed to cure him.

Comment on the 4th Annual Class Action Symposium by Consumer Attorneys of San Diego

After returning from a week of travel for work, I wanted to post a quick comment about the 4th Annual Class Action Symposium presented by Consumer Attorneys of San Diego.  After speaking at the Symposium, I can now say quite confidently that it contains top-tier material for class action practitioners.  Almost any class action practitioner will benefit in some way.  I regret that I could not attend the second day of the Symposium because of my travel schedule.  Make a mental note to attend the Symposium next year.   You will be glad you attended this Symposium, and not one targeted at a more basic level of experience.

Register for the Golden State Antitrust and Unfair Competition Law Institute

The 21st Annual Golden State Antitrust and Unfair Competition Law Institute is now open for registration.  This informative MCLE program is sponsored by the State Bar of California, Antitrust and Unfair Competition Law Section.  The full day Institute (followed by the Antitrust Lawyer of the Year Award Dinner) will take place on Thursday, October 27, 2011 at the Westin St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco.

View the complete program here.

View a printable brochure here.

Register here.

I attended this program last year as a speaker, and I can tell you from personal experience that the panels are heavy-duty stuff.

Consumer Attorneys of San Diego present the 4th Annual Class Action Symposium

A combination of being buried at work and precious few appellate decisions filled with class action gold have made things a little slow around here.  But now I've got something for you.   The Consumer Attorneys of San Diego are presenting their 4th Annual Class Action Symposium on Friday, October 14, 2011 and Saturday, October 15, 2011, at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront, 1 Park Blvd.

The Hilton San Diego Bayfront Hotel is the newest waterfront hotel located directly adjacent to the Padre Stadium and a short walk from downtown’s Gaslamp Quarter and East Village.

Good for 10.0 General Credits and 1.0 Ethics MCLE Credit, the Symposium will include an impressive lineup of speakers.  The panel speakers will address topics such as: Class Arbitration, Dukes, Ticketmaster, and Damages and Equitable Relief, just to name a few.  Featured speakers include: Arthur Bryant of Public Justice, the nation's leading lawyer on the issue of class wide arbitration, Judge Vaughn Walker (Ret.), whose creative legal mind will help navigate emerging complex cases and activist Harvey Rosenfield, founder of Consumer Watchdog, to put it all in perspective.  I will be speaking there too, but you should sign up anyhow.